{travel tales part one- kansas -> st. louis -> nashville -> gatlinburg -> asheville}

Well hello there, good morning!

I’m writing from a very lovely and snowy Manhattan this morning! By the looks of things it seems like we got about four inches overnight, I’m totally okay with this. If it is going to be cold, I better get some snow out of the deal! 🙂 I sat down at my computer many nights this week to pen a new post, but I frequently found that my comfy bed pillows were calling my name, whoops!

A few weeks ago, my family and I set out on our first road trip together in a very long time. Usually when we travel we head to the airport to catch a flight, so I was really excited about this driving trip to explore a bit more of America as we traveled to multiple destinations. When I travel I am all about hitting the must-have sights to see, but I also love to hit off the beaten path finds or foodie delights.

We hit the road from my parent’s house early in the morning to head to our overnight pit stop, St. Louis! My travel bucket list included the Gateway Arch that sits on the banks of the Mississippi River. Continue reading