{lemon bundt cake: recipe review}

Hi, friends! This week is flying by, I can’t believe that it is already Tuesday. We’ve had tons of rain here the past couple of days, so I am definitely appreciating the sunshine we had today! It was such a beautiful night for a walk around the neighborhood.

Onto the treat 🙂 So I just finished baking up a new recipe I found online today and just HAD to share with y’all! While browsing, I came across a Lemon Velvet Bundt Cake with Blueberry Cream Cheese Frosting over at the Layers of Happiness. This recipe was honestly one of the most quick and easy bundt cakes I have ever found. I love how they used a plain ole white cake box mix for the base, and they added some additional ingredients to make it taste extra special. The lemon extract also gives it a bit of kick too! I followed the recipe exactly, including adding the additional flour because of buying the smaller box of cake mix. To say I’m loving this cake would be an understatement! You can find the recipe and more information about Layers of Happiness here. You should probably make this cake right now. 🙂

20140610_204922_Richtone%28HDR%29 copy After a busy day, I think I’ve earned enjoying this piece of cake with a glass of milk! Yes, this is how I’m justifying it! 🙂

best, courtney