{a chicago saturday}

Hi, friends! Gosh it feels great to be back on the blog after a bit of a break. And by a bit..I mean a few months, eeks! I’ve been a busy bee with work and travels…including a trip to Chicago two weeks ago! I love the Windy City. So many lovely things to look at and exploring to be had. The flight from MHK –> ORD leaves bright and early at 6 AM…but oh man is it worth it! I loved getting to watch the sun rise as we flew through the sky.


After a Saturday event, I decided to use the afternoon to set out and see some of the sites that I had been searching for! Work took me to Navy Pier in the morning, so I decided to get there early so I could check out the Pier before the crowds arrived. I did the same thing last year…definitely the best decision!


navy pier

Navy Pier was especially special the weekend I visited because it was the last weekend for the Ferris Wheel to be standing. What a treat! There is just something so special about early mornings. I set out to walk to Millennium Park, first stop- the Bean! Can’t go to Chicago and not check it out. As I walked through the park, it was so great to pass many just married couples taking their pictures, people hanging out relaxing and other tourists just like me armed with a map! When I got to the Bean, I first had to take a selfie, because it is a must 🙂 I then found the cutest older couple who were also admiring the sights and asked them to take my photo and vice versa. What happened next almost made me cry! Walking around by myself was great, but I was really missing my friends and getting to share it with them. The lady and I chatted and she then reached into her bag and pulled out a little booklet of verses and prayers, gave it to me and simply told me to have a blessed day. Umm…talk about perfect timing, she was such a gem.



Millennium Park? Check! Time to get back to walking! I meandered up and down Michigan Avenue, stopping and watching the sights and checking out side streets and shops. I just love the architecture of the city!


This was about the time I realized that I hadn’t really ate much all day…operation dinner was in full swing! As I was lapping 900 North Michigan Shops, I found a Pizzeria in the shopping center that just looked perfect. I grabbed a spot by the window and sat a spell and admired the street below. I highly recommend Frankie’s Scaloppine, it was sooo good! I tried a few things and boxed up the leftovers to take back to my hotel. My waiter and I chatted and he shared that Sprinkles Cupcakes was right around the corner…obviously I had to stop…no question! 🙂 Picked up two to go and headed out on my way to hop in a cab back to Navy Pier.



Gosh, i just love adventuring. Here’s to the next trip with lots left to see and lots of getting lost to look forward to! Can’t wait till life takes me back to the Windy City.

best, courtney

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