{nordstrom half-yearly sale: part 1}

It is a great day, people! Twice a year one of the greatest sales comes around…yup Nordstrom. I sincerely apologize to friends and coworkers that have had to deal with me in the past 24 hours talking about the sale nonstop. Love y’all! 🙂 So much perusing to do! Do yourself a favor and pull up a comfy chair, a charged laptop and get ready to treat. yo. self. You’ve got until May 31st to snatch up some deals. As much as I know you’d LOVE to read a ridiculously long post about all of the finds I’m loving, I’m going to break the sale down into a few different posts. 😉 Today I’m sharing my favorite clothes and shoes and part II is all about accessories and bags!

Okay now to business….let the shopping begin!


1. I need this skirt like now. Perfect for summer days and nights!

2. Wouldn’t this dress be lovely for seasonal bridal showers??

3. One word. OBSESSED. Dress this lovely dress up with a blazer and pumps, or dress it down with some sparkly gold sandals.

4. This dress was meant for casual Saturday shopping trips!

5. Purple loving! This pleated dress is a gem!

jacket6. Oh my lanta, the pop of polka dots in the hood of this jacket is just too cute.

7. Why hello there, lovely blue jacket. This is just begging me to buy it.

8. The color of this jacket looks amazing on everyone! Swoon.


9. This sweater is just fun! Perfect combination of lightness and warmth.

10. Clearly I’m loving purple pieces like this shirt for this season!

11. Bonfire + this sweater = bliss. Pair this with some jean shorts and you’re set!

11. I’m thinking this shirt could be a new work staple.

Eeks!!! So much fun!! Now onto the shoes….


Okay. Disclaimer…this first pair isn’t on sale…BUT may quite possibly be the most comfy shoes I’ve ever owned.  I just received them yesterday and wore them today and my feet were in heaven! Definitely worth a look 🙂


Now for the sale finds…..


1. I love these simple black sandals!

2. Eeks!! Dying to get my hands on these. Remember how I was talking about bridal showers earlier!?

3. Loving the simplicity of these flats.

4. I love ASICS, and these make me want to get outside!

5. Gotta get the basic sneakers covered. Pair these with a white shirt and you’ve got a great summer look.

6. Swoon. Just a pop of sass on these wedges! 🙂

7. I need these for vacation! Cute but practical espadrilles for exploring.

8. Office summer shoes!

WHEW! I need to step away from the computer. I hope this gets you started on your shopping adventures 🙂 Find something good? Share!! I’d love to see what your picking up. Stay tuned tomorrow for accessory and bag finds!

best, courtney

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