{simple sunday}

Oh how I love the spring! One of my goals for 2015 is to live life more simply. No more of this running a thousand miles a minute, living for a checklist and not taking time to savor life. When I say that my goal is to live more simply, I mean it in a couple different ways. Simplicity with my checkbook-  attempting make smarter choices now, rather than later and become more of a saver than a spender. Simplicity with my home- I have far too much STUFF than any twenty-something needs. I just accumulate stuff, hence the goal of cleaning out all rooms, closets, cabinets…you get the drill. So far, I’ve tackled the master bathroom, storage closet, kitchen closet and about half the kitchen cabinets! On that note- if anyone needs large artwork for decorating, I have got several prints and canvases that need a good home. 🙂

Perhaps the biggest area of growth and struggle? Simplicity with my time. I guess when I think of this, I really am really thinking that I need to get back to the basics of taking time to embrace what makes me happy and find balance. Today, this goal looked like spending time hammocking and reading in a local park enjoying the absolutely stunning weather that we are having here today, making homemade granola (recipe up on the blog this week!) and trying my hand at learning calligraphy! Common theme? Finding JOY in the everyday. Making the most of a beautiful weekend day, prioritizing what brings joy. Remember how I mentioned balance earlier? Yeah…the laundry and cleaning can wait till later.

Here’s just a few of the pics I shot today while walking and lounging:


Just a few more weeks and these trees will be brought back to their leafy wonder!


Happy, happy, day.


Such a joyous place, can’t wait for leaves to appear!


Kansas is home to lots and lots of spring field burning. Just last week, this field of the path was black and charred. Today you’ll find it starting to green back up! Always a great sight to see!

I’m looking forward to many spring adventures to come now that the weather is on our side. What are some of the ways that you’re choosing to live simple?

best, courtney

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