{overnight at the elms}

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I hope y’all are having a wonderful season and finding opportunities for rest with friends and family. Last week, my Mom and I took advantage of having the same weeks off together to go on a little overnight trip to Excelsior Spring, Missouri to visit The Elms Hotel & Spa. Cue me being insanely full of joy. If you’re not familiar with The Elms, it is a property located right outside of Kansas City that has been open on and off and in different forms since 1888.

I love studying history and finding the stories of places, so if I can combine that with day trips, I am a very happy camper. In short, The Elms originally opened in 1888, but then burned down in 1898. After being rebuilt, the hotel again opened in 1909 but alas, burned to the ground again in 1910. Sad, right!? With the third time being the charm, The Elms was rebuilt in 1912 and stands as the hotel today. Throughout the hotel’s history, it has hosted Presidents, famous celebrities and even Al Capone. There have been several remodels to the property, with the last one being completed in 2012. If you’re interested in a fun read, check out the full history of the hotel here. Today you will find the hotel having the perfect balance of old and new. State of the art accommodations and spa facilities mixed with a little bit of classic flair.

As you make your way through town, you find the hotel nestled in a mix of residential and downtown area…quite quaint! It was a dreary and drizzly day out so couldn’t snap the best photos, but these will give you an idea of what you’ll see upon arrival.
2014-12-22 11.02.2120141222_105543

I am such a fan of the architecture! To think of how old this building is just makes me smile. At night, “The Elms” sign is illuminated, making for a great display that you can see from pretty far away. Make your way inside and you’ll find that you are greeted by several treats. I loved that we were able to visit right before Christmas…decorations make everything a little bit more joyous.

20141222_173533_Richtone(HDR) 20141222_110116 20141223_085116 20141223_085132

The hotel offers some wonderful amenities: indoor lap pool, outdoor heated pools and hot tubs, 88 at The Elms (sit-down dining which was very tasty), a Café for a quick treat and last but not least….the spa. HALLELUJAH for the spa. Spa at The Elms is my new favorite. Everything seems to have great attention to detail, which I appreciated. At the spa, you will find all the standard services, as well as access to the grotto. The grotto features several different areas to check out, including, but definitely not limited to a steam sauna, fantastically large hot tub and a self-service exfoliation bar with lots of different options. You can find photos and a full listing of services here. We spent a good portion of the day lounging in the grotto and quiet room. Hellooooo happy day.


Treat yourself to a slice of the chocolate cake. TO DIE FOR. It was super rich, so I recommend splitting it with a friend.

All in all, this was a fantastic quick trip just a few hours up the road. I loved being able to disconnect a bit and just relax! I am looking forward to planning a girls trip to go back again. Next time, I’m wanting to visit in the warmer months to be able to fully enjoy all of the outdoor amenities and scenery. Add The Elms to your list of quick getaway destinations!

best, courtney

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