{all about holiday movies}

‘Tis the season to start watching all my fave holiday movies! Everyone has their go-to movies, the ones that you find yourself watching over and over again once the Christmas season begins…or maybe even before ;). My top choices are ones that you’ve probably seen a thousand times, but they never get old! Here are my top picks for sweatpants movie days…because everything is better when sweatpants are involved, am I right?!

holiday movies


I know y’all have to be as obsessed with this movie as I am!? Definitely one of my all time favorites. Stellar cast, cute story and lots of laughs!


What kid growing up in the 90’s DIDN’T like this movie?!?! Silly? Yes. Totally far-fetched? Yes. Lovable? Of course!


I can’t believe it has been over ten years since Elf came out!! This might just be the most quotable Christmas movie of all time.


I am a fan of the original version , but I really love the 1994 take on the classic. This movie just leaves you feeling all warm and fuzzy inside!


With quotes like “You want the moon? Just say the word and I’ll throw a lasso around it and pull it down,” how can you not just awww while watching It’s a Wonderful Life. I think this movie may top everyone’s favorite movie list.


1950’s movies are some of my faves, and this one is just FUN! Full of color and music, this is the best pick me up Christmas movie!

I’m spending this Saturday afternoon catching up on to-do’s around the apartment and popping The Holiday into the DVD player. I sure hope it is acceptable to watch it twice in one week! 🙂 What are your favorite holiday flicks?!?

best, courtney

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