{weekly round-up: thanksgiving decorations}

As the air gets chillier, the leaves begin to fall and Thanksgiving nears, I’m beginning to start thinking about new ways to decorate the Thanksgiving table. I’ve been turning to the internet and magazines to find inspiration for creative styling. Seriously, what did we ever do before blogs and Pinterest!? After marking nearly 50 pages to my bookmarks bar, I thought I’d share my favorites with you all! The colors in these styles just make me smile so much.


Here’s where you’ll find these inspirations: 

  1. I’m adoring these delicate bittersweet berry bottles from Midwest Living.
  2. How precious are these free printable gratitude cards from Moritz Fine Designs?! How lovely of an idea is it to have these waiting at the table for your guests to arrive!
  3. On Sutton Place is offering ten free printables for your fall decorating! I am a fan of this F. Scott Fitzgerald quote print.
  4. I am OBSESSED with these DIY burlap placemats from Frugal Mom Eh! I am in the process of making give thanks ones, but today I finished some other burlap placemats based on the inspiration from this blog. Scroll down to see my finished project!
  5. Talk about simple! I just picked up some glasses from Dollar Tree to create a look like this mantle decoration from American Profile. You could easily swap out different accents for different seasons.
  6. I love the effortless look of this coffee table centerpiece from Whats Ur Home Story. The different levels of focal points add a dramatic flair to a classic take on decoration.

As mentioned, I started working on my own take of Frugal Mom Eh!‘s burlap placemats. Before I sit down to make my give thanks ones, I thought I’d get some practice on another take on the project. I chose to use gold and black acrylic paint. I can’t wait to try this with different words and colors on new placemats!


What are some of your favorite ways to decorate for Thanksgiving? Where do you find decoration inspiration? I’d love to hear!

best, courtney

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