{three week rewind}

Well, hello there! It is time for this poor blog to get some attention! 🙂 Over the past few weeks I’ve been traveling around Kansas, spending some time at the Kansas State Fair and cheering on the Cats in Bill Snyder Family Stadium! Today I’m catching up on things around the apartment…and by that…I mean watching a new episode of Pioneer Woman when I really should be cleaning. Whoops! Soooo while I’m clearly procrastinating on work, this is a perfect time to share what I’ve been up to the past few weeks!

IMG_20140827_201405I could not be more ecstatic about this addition to my kitchen! Hello KitchenAid. When I saw it in purple, I knew it was fate.

IMG_20140904_065736The arrival of football season means that it is time to change out the front door wreath! Bring on the Cats.

IMG_20140908_180424The K-State booth at the State Fair included a photo booth. I made sure to snap a photo with my (cut-out) friends, Bill & Willie.

IMG_20140908_072129With a few extra free minutes in the schedule, I pulled over to watch an amazing sunrise over the fields of Kansas. Made me smile.

IMG_20140911_162655A co-worker told me about Serendipity Cupcakes in Hutchinson- a K-State Alum owned bakery. One word. Yum. I picked up a few to take to some friends, making sure to grab an Izze soda as a treat.

20140916_133706This past week included a lunch break in my car between different towns. I loved catching up on things while looking at this view of Marion Reservoir in Marion!

20140915_180428Decorating for fall makes me so full of joy! I just love it!

IMG_20140915_203505Fall = Pumpkin. So obviously it was time to bust out the pumpkin spice cookie recipe and pumpkin berry candle. My happy place!

How are you celebrating Fall? I’m looking forward to taking some walks this weekend as the leaves begin to change, but for now, it is definitely time for this girl to get up and moving!

best, courtney

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