{apartment upgrades: guest bathroom with a little life lesson along the way}

Like many other 20-somethings starting out on their own after college in a new apartment or house, I’m learning how to (and sometimes failing) at making a little bit of money go a long way! This past year has been such a wonderful adventure of learning what it takes to make a grown-up dwelling come together, making it a great place to call home after a day of work. Now that I feel like I’m beginning to have my feet under me a bit, I’ve started tackling the “want” items on my project list.

The first room that I wanted to show a little love to was my guest bathroom. When I moved in, I kind of just threw on a shower curtain and some towels and called it a day…SO BORING. A few weeks ago, ready to get started with a little pizzazz small upgrade idea and a strict budget to stick to, I rolled down my windows, played a good tune and headed off to Target and Marshalls with a extra little spring in my step. Definitely my two favorite places to find basic staples for the home. After picking up a few things at each place, back to the apartment I went to get started!

Little did I know that the first step (hanging two little shelves) would prove to be such a humbling experience. I like to think that I’m pretty handy around the house, but after getting insanely frustrated realizing that I didn’t have the right drill bit, there was only one option left….call Dad. Shout out to Dad for coming to the rescue as I’m sitting on my bathroom floor mad as heck. 🙂 Moral of the story…don’t be stubborn, you’re never too old to ask your Dad for help or double check with him that you have the right tools before getting started!


So it’s nothing super fancy, but I’m loving that I finally have a bit more color in the guest bathroom! I stuck to the yellow and green palette that you may have noticed that I talk about a lot. 🙂 It just makes me think of clean, crisp and fresh surroundings!


 With this picture, you can see a bit closer what I was working with. Here’s where I’m finding everything:

Top shelf: Sign, candle and cup- all from Target. The shelves also came from Target in a pack of two.

Bottom shelf: Towel and container found at Target. I had previously purchased the cream pitcher at Gatherings on the Prairie in Junction City, KS and just moved it to the bathroom from another spot in my apartment.

Counter items: Frame, candle and apothecary jar all found at Marshalls. I was super excited about the mint green frame! Inside the frame, I purchased a downloadable print from the Two Twenty One etsy page. Every time I look at this, I just can’t help but hum the OutKast lyrics to myself. Throwback!

Well that’s a wrap! Thanks for following along with me on this mini-bathroom tour. Summertime means house projects for a lot of us, what is on your home “wants” list right now? I’d love to hear! I look forward to sharing the next upgrade adventure with you!

best, courtney

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