{set sail: part two}

Let’s pick up where we left off in {set sail: part one}! With one sea day under our belt, we were ready to step off the boat at our first port of call- Labadee, Haiti!

Gosh, I loved our time there. The portion of the island that we went to is a private port owned by Royal Caribbean. This was my first time here and I was amazed by the beauty. There are many attractions at the port, but we chose to go the simple route and head straight to one of the many beaches where there are tons of lounging chairs. We also rented floating beach mats, definitely a good choice. If you’re ever venturing to Labadee, hop on the tram and head all the way to the furthest beach from the ship- Columbus Cove. It was SUPER quiet and we didn’t have to compete with people for prime beach lounge spots. One staff member on our beach happened to have his family visiting him at work while we were there, including his daughter who was probably about four or five. She was so cute and played with me and some others in the water for quite a bit! I only know a few words in French (the language she spoke), so we mainly just laughed…some of my favorite moments of the trip.

ImageThe water was soooooo clear and beautiful! Total bliss.

After many hours of lounging, I was bummed to leave, but my sunburned arms would have disagreed 🙂 Our next stop was Falmouth, Jamaica. This was also a first time stop for us, so we were eager to explore! It was rainy and dreary on and off throughout the day, so it worked out that we were doing more touring things here instead of beaches. We visited Good Hope, a historic former sugar estate. 

ImageImageImageImageImageI am a huge history buff, so loved hearing the stories behind this place.

On Thursday, we ventured to Georgetown, Grand Cayman. We did a combination excursion here of an Island Tour and trip to Tiki Beach, one of the more popular beaches on the island. Grand Cayman is so neat to me because of all the different cultures that are represented by the people that live there from all over the world. We have previously gone to Stingray City on an excursion in Georgetown- must add that to your list if you’ll be visiting!

ImageLast but not least, we ended our ports loop in Cozumel, Mexico on Friday. Cozumel is a great place! We had planned an excursion for this stop, but at the last minute on Thursday we cancelled it and opted for a more relaxing day at a beach. Paradise Beach is such a gem on the island! For $14/family, you can hop in a taxi at the port and they’ll take you to the front of the beach club. Once you’ve arrived, admission is only $3/person to have access to beach chairs, pools and hammocks! For only $15/person more, you can get another wristband that gives you access to TONS of water sports and toys, etc. We didn’t get the second pass, but this would be a great option for families traveling with kids. All that the club asks is that you spend at least $10/person on food and drinks, easy to do because the food and drinks are DELICIOUS and the staff is super friendly! I’d go back here in a heartbeat.

ImageSnapshot of the beach and beautiful pool area! Usually the water is a bit more clear, but a storm had just passed through so the sand was churned up a bit. Didn’t matter to me, it was so peaceful!


Remember that food and drink I mentioned? YUM! So fresh.

And just like that, our cruise excursions and ports had come to a close. After Mexico, we had a second sea day as we sailed back to Port Canaveral. I enjoyed having a day on the ship to continue to relax before it was time to pack up! Our last day on board was filled with books, good food and the finale show in the theater. I was so thankful to have a week of towel animals waiting for me in my room, no bed making and cooking, family time and overall rest! 🙂 I can’t wait for my next opportunity to cruise! Where are your travels taking you next?

best, courtney


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