{spring in my step: part 2}

Hi there! What a beautiful day it is. Today it was 90 degrees here- I don’t know when this whole summer thing started…but I do know I’m okay with it! So instead of doing one of what seems like 9,000 things on my to-do list, I spent some time on the deck reading a great new book find. Single gals out there (or any girl for that for that matter), this is a MUST read. The author Mandy Hale, is one of my favorite people to follow on Twitter- @TheSingleWoman. I’m only a short way in, but I’m officially hooked! You can find the book here.


Okay, so back to what is putting a little extra spring in my step! Like I mentioned in {spring in my step:  part 1}, I’ve been perusing the internet a lot lately for ideas of ways to use pieces and color. I love looking at what others’ have done, or design elements and figuring out ways to use it to build my own looks. Bright Bold & Beautiful is one of the best blogs I have found to find inspiration on. Everything she creates is just full of so much color and layers of visual depth.


Check out these two looks that can be found here. I love that she uses different fabrics, designs and even different color to keep you looking and finding something new with every take!! I love the little touches of lemon.


I’m dying to get my hands on these Pottery Barn finds. I love the light colors. #1 can be found here. #2 is also on the website.


“Master Bedroom color upgrade” is definitely on my project list for the Spring/Summer. This gem that I found over on Wayfair is at the top of my inspiration purchase list. I am so full of glee thinking about all the fun accents that I could pair with this duvet cover. A friend and I scored some fantastic wall mounting candlesticks this past weekend at a garage sale…I’m definitely thinking of painting them gold to hang about the bed with this color palette!


One Kings Lane: aka a decorator’s dream website. Affordable, Classy and Fresh = LOVE. Here’s where you’ll find these items:

#1: Green and white pillow

#2: Hurricane lantern 

#3: Discover pillow

#4: Macrame bowl

#5: Glass jars

I am SO looking forward to using the inspiration from these pieces to start putting together a new look! Where do you find your decorating inspiration? What are some of the trends you’re loving?

best, courtney

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