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Happy Monday, I hope your week is off a cheery start! This week marks one of my FAVORITE weeks of the year, K-State Proud campaign week! I was giddy with excitement when it was time to make my donation today. Led by the leadership of passionate K-State students, K-State Proud is a campaign to raise funds for opportunity awards that are giving to students that have used all available financial resources and need the support of the K-State family in order to be able to continue their journey at our university. Gosh, this makes me so proud to be a K-Stater. I had the opportunity to be apart of the organization that leads K-State Proud as an undergrad, and can honestly say that some of the most impactful and encouraging moments I’ve ever had have come from experiences with K-State Proud. Nothing is more inspirational than seeing our family come together to raise over $700,000 since K-State Proud started seven years ago.


The 2014 K-State Proud logo!

How does this campaign work? There are soooo many components to the campaign, but the overall idea is that students, alumni, members of the community and anyone around the world is able to donate to the campaign and receive a K-State Proud t-shirt that they are able to wear to show their pride and spread the word. EVERY dollar that is raised goes directly back to students in the form of those awards. How cool is that?!?! It has been amazing to see the lives this campaign has changed in the past few years, you gotta love K-State. If you’re interested in impacting the lives of K-State students, stop by the booth in the K-State Student Union this week or even donate online at the K-State Proud website throughout the year! You can read about past opportunity awards recipients on the website as well.


I love seeing this year’s goal of $150,000 displayed at the booth!

I hope that you’ll take a few moments to check out the K-State Proud website and learn more about all the awesome things that are happening amongst the K-State family!

best, courtney

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