{manhattan tour: so long saloon}

A friend recently asked me “What’s there to do in Manhattan??” This sent my mind RACING, there are so many things that I love about living in a busy, college town like Manhattan, Kansas! I’ve lived in MHK for almost six years now and am always discovering new things. You’ve got a great atmosphere, a community that is full of pride for K-State and lots of local small businesses and restaurants. I love to share what MHK is all about, so I’m deciding to start a trend of “Manhattan Tour” posts on my blog to share all those reasons of why this is a great place to live and visit! There is something so special about this place.

After a very busy past few days, I was craving one of my local favorites for dinner tonight. A few text messages later, my sweet friend Macy and I were all set to spend some quality time together over dinner at the yummy So Long Saloon located in the heart of Aggieville! This place is just so good, it is always my go-to when families ask where they should eat while visiting campus and Manhattan.

Image From first look at the sign outside to when you walk in the door, you know you’re in for a treat.

ImageCheck out the top of the bar and the intricate tiles on the ceiling. The character of this place is the best!

ImageThis. This is one of the many things So Long Saloon is famous for! Chipotle Raspberry & Black Bean Dip. It is to die for, the perfect combination of sweet and salty when served up with tortilla chips. One quick Google search will show ya that everyone out there is looking to figure out how to perfect this recipe at home!


Who doesn’t love a plain ole good and simple burger?? So Long is serving them up perfectly seasoned and full of flavor. On the menu, you’ll find my basic saloon burger of choice but also some more unique dishes like the Peanut Butter Burger or the Red Hot Chicken Sandwich.

After a great chat and dinner, it was time to head home to cheer on the Cats as we take on TCU tonight! Next time you’re in Manhattan, definitely add So Long Saloon to the top of your “Must See” list! Until then, I leave you with this picture from the heart of Aggieville!

20140219_180612_Richtone(HDR)best, courtney

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