Chocolate Yumminess {Hello Saturday}

Happy Saturday!

I don’t know about y’all, but I sure was looking forward to this morning of waking up to no alarm clock or need to rush out the door! Aren’t relaxing mornings just the best?? Saturday mornings for me usually include a happy dose of Food Network (currently watching “The Kitchen”, a new favorite), cleaning and planning and prepping for the new week. This morning, I am tackling cleaning out the pantry and fridge before I venture to my local grocery store this afternoon. I am a huge believer in having a well stocked pantry so when the desire to whip something up comes to ya, there is always something to be found on the shelves. As I hit the baking shelf in the pantry, I pleasantly found a box of Devil’s Food Cake mix that has been catching my attention over the past week. 

Obviously that meant to me that it was time to cook up some Chocolatey Crackle cookies! These cookies are one of my faves. SO simple, and a very quick recipe to make. There are hundreds of recipes out there for these yummy treats, but my favorite recipe can be found at and takes just about a half hour from start to finish. What I like best about making these is that it just takes FOUR ingredients that are most likely hanging out in your fridge or pantry right now.


Once you’ve got all of your supplies together, simply mix the eggs, cake mix and vegetable oil in a bowl till combined. Roll into balls of 1″-2″ in size, then roll in some powdered sugar and pop on an ungreased cookie sheet into a 350 degree oven.



Wait about 10 minutes until the center is all set and voilà, you’ve got yourself a quick and easy treat that is guaranteed to please a crowd (or maybe just a few for yourself if it has been a long day). I like to dip the tops of my cookies in a extra little bit of powdered sugar after waiting a minute or two before leaving them to cool.


This batch of cookies are heading over to a friend’s house with me in a bit where some fellow Wildcat fans and myself will be cheering on our K-State Men’s Basketball team as they take on Iowa State, Go Cats!!

Enjoy your day, all!

best, courtney

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